B – FERT  FERTILIZER Is a substance of vegetal origin consisting of carbonized biomass and natural mineral elements in prescribed humidity, which ensures increase of production. It is made with modern technology without use of chemical and conservational agents. His high biological value is outlined by natural processing and balanced content.

  • B-Fert supports creation of plants and live forms in agricultural soil, that produce phosphor and  relay it to the roots of plants.


  • Particles of B-FERT absorb toxic elements and heavy metals and this way detoxicate the agricultural soil.


  • Particles of B-FERT attract and hold unused nutritive substances in the soil until they are used by plants and are preventing their washout into the deeper levels of the ground.


  • B-Fert prevents the emission of greenhouse gases and thus contributes to the lowering of global warming.


  • B-Fert recreates microbial soil activity and so prevents “soil exhaustion” B-Fert increases amount and quality of fruits and vegetables.


  • B-Fert ensures complex and natural nutrition during vegetation.


B-Fert is universal conditioner suited for agricultural industry, truck farming, fruit raising, ecological agriculture. It’s also suited for soils exhausted due to intensive plant production. It is an excellent activator of biological value of degraded soils, is suitable for use as an ecological conditioner in zones of hygienic protection of water and especially in ecological farming operations with anticipation of growing hygienically unobjectionable production. After the chemical analysis of the soil the defined allotment is from 200kg/ha and higher. Chemical composition:

 Parameter  Unit  measuring outcome
 Amount of burnable materials  % weight of dry mass  min. 40%
 pH value   without unite  7 – 8,5%
 content of dry mass  % weight of dry mass  min. 40%
 N  % weight of dry mass  0,97%
 P  % weight of dry mass  1,24%
 K  % weight of dry mass  0,085%
 Ca   % weight of dry mass  10,26%
 Mn   % weight of dry mass  42,9%
 Fe  mg/kg  8980
Cu mg/kg 15,1
Mg  % weight of dry mass 0,34

     Offered products have awarded prices on international exhibitions in Soul, Paris, Lubljana and Geneva. Products are highly inovative and biologicaly unobjectable suitable for ecological agriculture, truck farming and fruitraising.

     It is suitable for use as ecological conditioner in zone of hygienical protection of water and ecological systems of farming with anticipation of rising hygienicaly unobjectable production.

Pricelist B-Fert